Get bored with your anxiety


Often when I see anxious people they are amazed to realise they can simply decide to stop paying attention to their anxiety and then it will slowly go away, as the synapses devoted to their anxiety themes break apart when they are no longer utilized via paying attention.

But what is also a surprise to many anxious people is that they do not have to engage in any mighty struggle against their own brains, in order to stop paying attention to their anxiety mentations.

In fact, the way to achieve zero attentional focus on anxiety is to show complete disinterest and boredom towards any type of anxiety mentation (like sensations of increased heart rate or shakes or sweats; or emotions of dread or fear or horror; or thoughts like ‘OMG!  What if I collapse’; or images like picturing themselves on the floor collapsed; or memories like recalling the last few times they panicked).

As soon as any anxiety mentation pops-up into consciousness, all you need to do is softly and effortlessly brush it away out of your attentional focus as though it is a slightly irritating puff of smoke in your vicinity and as if it holds absolutely no interest for you whatsoever and is in fact quite boring and over-rated.

Then simply move 100% of your attentional focus onto something far more interesting (like a crossword or sudoku puzzle or some mental maths, a book, a vigorous conversation or onto talkback radio) and then immerse deeply and completely in this fascinating activity.

When the anxiety mentation tries to pop-up again, then repeat this process and the anxiety very soon (within a few days) pops up less and less frequently until it barely bothers to pop-up at all after a couple of weeks.