Getting Men and Women on the same side

For all the ‘alleged’ and usually unsubstantiated differences argued to exist between women and men there are 1000-fold more similarities.

Hostility, alienation and sense of ‘difference’ makes us even more alone in this often brutal, divisive world.   We see, men and women frequently screaming with fury at each other on social media because of these ‘imagined’ differences.

Yet, even at the most basic physiological and hormonal level men and women are almost identical.  For example, there is always lots of talk about how testosterone influences ‘maleness’ in the brain making men better at maps, mathematics, aggression and non-monogamy.  But the reality is that testosterone cannot even be utilised in the brain until it is first converted to oestrogen.  Both men and women use oestrogen in their brains.

Also, despite misconceptions men and women have very similar genitals.  They both have exactly equal amounts of erectile tissue and equal numbers of ejaculatory cells (yes, women ejaculate!) and their genitals look almost indistinguishable in both size and shape once women have their ‘hidden’ genitals exposed at autopsy.

Moreover, men are simply assumed to be physically stronger than women because they are often faster than women when running short distances.  Yet at around the 80km mark in long distance running women and men are equally competitive.  Interestingly, women tend to beat men at longer distances.  I also recently read about a 61-year-old woman who fought back against a home invader in his early 20’s and she put him in critical care for his trouble. 

Just like in nature, where most animals back away from fights before either gets seriously harmed – it is best for women and men not to fight or compete but to cooperate and love one another.  Especially because once all the make-up, high heels, chest-beating and steroids are removed, we are all just people who thrive on love, care, kindness and empathy.