We often give up when we feel scared – but it is important to examine our motives.



When we get really frightened, we usually don’t want to know that we feel scared, so we fabricate stories to tell ourselves. The smarter we are, the smarter and more persuasive are our stories.

For example, women often suddenly decide that they want to have a baby when they get stuck in their careers. Men often abruptly leave relationships for younger partners when they are challenged to face their own aging process.

Don’t be fooled – we should NEVER GIVE UP without a thorough examination of our TRUE motives. If we give up then we stop learning (because the new stuff, like ‘career advancement’ or ‘aging’ is always scary to learn). If we stop learning this new stuff, then we can get stuck in our tracks in a repetitive, self-sabotaging pattern making us unable to move forward in life! In other words, GIVE UP, GIVING UP!

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