Know Your Vision



We have to know where we are heading in order to take the right path!

In my decades of work as a clinical psychologist at the Smart Therapy Centre, I often see people who have lost their way. 

This usually happens because ‘everyday life’ can easily distract us from our bigger goals and before we know it – time has passed and it is too late!   

In order to prevent this scenario, it is important to regularly ask yourself where you intend to be in 1, 2, 5 and 10 years.  Write these goals down and keep them highly visible (otherwise we just revert back to our old neural patterns and forget our more recent insights!)

Make sure the earlier goals you set are compatible (and are steps towards) the larger long-term goals.  Try and be as precise as you possibly can with identifying goals and frequently ‘picture’ what your new life will look like to help sustain motivation.   

As you move forward you may need to let go of certain habits, people or circumstances that are sabotaging your progress.