‘Own’ your True Power!

Since the 1970’s women are taking the reins of power much more frequently, but the process is slower than many of us would ever have anticipated and self-made women are still barely represented on ‘rich lists’ or company boards.

To the extent that women have been successful, it is often attributed to their powerful communication skills and the fact that they are socialised to be excellent at the suite of ‘soft’ skills that are so necessary in management and leadership today.  Yet, women continue to struggle with the skills around mental toughness, initiative and autonomy that are more heavily socialised into men. 

On the other hand, the hierarchical, authoritarian and ‘hard’ management tools of the past are less valued than they once were, and men are now needing to learn how to be less authoritarian and instead learn how to collaborate, gently persuade and bring others with them.

In this climate of change many men and women are really struggling with how to move forward and build powerful careers.  

Added to this, there are many people who have come from difficult backgrounds and have been taught to severely doubt themselves and not trust their own judgement.  This can damage motivation and lead to years of anxious or depressive rumination, inaction and wasted opportunities.

Once we have many doubts and our brains are full of negative mentations, then it is often hard to have high motivation and see our pathway clearly and rationally as we are often overly focussed on those negative preoccupations. 

At this point it can be beneficial to recruit a ‘coach’ (or a brain outside our own brain!) to help ensure a more objective and systematic approach to our ambitions.

This coach could be a highly reliable partner, friend or a professional.  Whoever you choose must be clear about where you are heading and must be committed to you achieving systematic and daily incremental progress in your skills, including your perseverance skills. 

If this seems a bit difficult, you could engage an expert in ‘behavioural change’ at Dr Sallee McLaren’s Smart Therapy Centre and we can coach you to build the necessary motivation and skills, as well as teach you how to minimise your focus on anxiety and self-doubt, thereby allowing you to truly ‘own’ your power!