Show Your True Self


Sometimes it’s hard to be brave! 

In my 25+ years of work as a clinical psychologist at the Smart Therapy Centre I notice that people especially struggle when they have come from a difficult background that has eroded their confidence and led to self-doubt.

But the reality is that other people also have limitations (often severe) yet there are many who manage to achieve success despite their rocky start in life. 

It is because of our subjective experience of self-doubt (where we feel flat and unmotivated) that it is very easy to over-estimate our own limitations and hide away from the world telling ourselves that other people are better suited to success. 

The truth is though, if you choose to use them, you have a unique set of attributes that can be played out during your life, but you must use them unashamedly so long as they are good for other people as well.  For example, you would never use anger, violence or blame unashamedly.  On the other hand, you might use hidden ambition, vigilance, intensity, opportunism, high expectations and having an eye for detail freely and to your advantage.

Keep in mind that it is precisely the combination of your unique attributes that make you truly different (and stand out) from other people. 

Interestingly, it is often exactly the things we desperately want to hide from the world that will make us great!

To do this though we have to learn to really use and ‘flaunt’ our difference and turn our self-doubt into useful self-reflection to tell us where we need most to improve!