Stop Fighting – We’re on the Same Side


As we come out of lockdown, many people in Australia and all over the world are fighting with each other and taking oppositional sides about whether ‘health’ or the ‘economy’ ought to be the focus moving forwards.

People are lining up on one side or the other with dichotomous mindsets.   

The trouble with this approach is that we get trapped in the fight too early, viciously externalising outwards and blaming each other. 

While healthy debate is generally helpful in most situations, it is important to think flexibly before launching into debate.  For example, a mark of flexible and mature thinking is being able to hold two apparently conflicting ideas in our minds and understand that both have equal merit in crucial ways.

After all, if we don’t look after our health, we may well get sick and die; equally if we don’t look after the economy, we may well get so poor we die.

This way we will commence our debate from the initial assumption that both aspects are equally important to the wellbeing of everyone. 

Then we can get to the real debate about the different trade-offs, pathways or solutions to achieve the best outcomes for both the economy and health.

If we are initially inflexible, then we will inevitably get side-tracked into interminable brawls (getting nowhere) rather than working cleanly on seeking constructive and effective solutions to both issues.