Letting ourselves lose control is often why we’re miserable.



After more than 20 years working as a clinical psychologist at the Smart Therapy Centre, I find the single main reason why people present for help when they are unhappy and often miserable is because they (over and over again) give themselves permission to lose control. It might be allowing themselves to scream, overeat, kick someone, collapse when things get hard, drink excessively, hide and refuse to go out, take drugs or allow their anxious and depressive mentations to escalate into panic.

Whatever the behaviour – the cause is the same. If you want to cope better with life and feel much happier, then stop giving yourself permission to lose control. Otherwise, over time you teach your brain to lose control at the tinniest, most miniscule things. We need to do the opposite. That is, train our brains that we are more than capable of NOT losing control when things go off the rails. So, next time you ruin your party dress, smile and take it in your stride.

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