Tick Tock Biological Clock

In my work at the Smart Therapy Centre I have often seen women who can hear their biological clock ticking but have not yet formed the relationship in which they would like to raise a child.

This can frequently lead to the missed opportunity of having children.  Now I’m not for a moment saying that reproducing is everyone’s cup of tea, and in fact, many people would argue that there are lots more important things to do in the world.  However, if you are keen for a little one to come along then please don’t make a common mistake.

From what I have seen in my work, this error is that women take too long to ‘cut to the chase’ in each relationship they enter.  Instead they beat around the bush vaguely hinting at things like commitment, marriage and children, as though they are scared they will frighten their partner away. 

Yet, usually the complete opposite is true.  Wishy washy unassertive people struggle to command proper respect from their partners who tend to wipe the floor with them and never feel persuaded to commit in any meaningful way.

This means years can be wasted only to find out that he is not even slightly interested. 

Instead, if you want commitment, marriage or children then say so clearly and be prepared to argue the case openly and early in the relationship.  If the issue cannot be resolved satisfactorily through rational discussion (where either you change your mind about children or he changes his mind) then move on FAST!  If all things fail, be proactive and stop waiting for the handsome prince to kiss you awake and instead get yourself donor sperm and raise the child on your own.