Time for tears …. but then take charge

We often avoid crying because it makes us feel vulnerable and opens us up to self-reflection and examination of our own behaviours and their consequences. 

Many people are terrified (unbeknown to them) of facing their errors and taking proper responsibility for mistakes.  This is because deep down, these people believe they cannot cope with facing their mistakes, as though the distress might never stop and might drag them into a hole from which they cannot escape. 

In fact, facing our pain and taking appropriate responsibility for events in our lives can be even more scary than deflecting for months or years into anxious, angry or depressive ruminations!   

Yet crying and becoming vulnerable in self-reflection and then taking proper and appropriate responsibility for our part in distressing events is the very treatment that will cure almost anything. 

It is the recognising of our part and responsibility that gives us an ‘analysis’ of what went wrong in the first place and alerts us to what we can do differently in the future – ultimately allowing us to take charge again!