When we are young we think we have endless time and we are often told that we ‘can have it all’. 

When we believe that our dreams are going to fall into our laps, it is easy to waste time on dead-end jobs and dead-beat people.

But ask any 80-year old how fast their life went by and they will tell you that it felt like they were barely getting started and then it was all over – their life had flashed by in the blink of an eye.

In my work at the Smart Therapy Centre, older people often reflect that they wish they had been more proactive and less passive.  They wish they had single-mindedly gone after their own agenda and grabbed more opportunities when they presented themselves instead of trying to fit in, conform and please other people. 

Part of the solution to this problem is understanding that we have our own unique set of cards to play in life, so we need to keep our focus on our own pathway and stop wasting time looking at what everyone else is doing. 

We also need to get started early.  In many cases it doesn’t so much matter which career a young person chooses but that they choose one and get on with it FAST, rather than spending most of their 20’s leisurely ‘finding’ themselves.