We all experience up’s and down’s

Feelings come and go, try not to take them personally!



I saw someone in my work yesterday who had felt a bit nervous about a social event the week prior to our session. She normally didn’t drink but on this occasion, she had three drinks to help her relax. The next morning, she felt low in her mood and slightly anxious (alcohol has this effect). Instead of just getting on with her usual day and not paying it any attention whatsoever she spent the next week worrying about what was ‘wrong’ with her and ruminating on whether her symptoms would ‘get worse’. Of course, they became worse because of her paying them so much attention.

Try to remember that everyone feels up and down during life – so try not to take it personally. Feelings are transient, and they come and go for many different reasons. Mostly try not to pay attention to them. Despite what many people say, keep your focus more on what you ‘do’ in life rather than on how you ‘feel’ about life.

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