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Fight Back – HARD!

In my work as a clinical psychologist at the Smart Therapy Centre, I sometimes see women who have been attacked by men.  Mostly they are attacked by men they know well – usually in the privacy of their own homes.  This blog is not about these women.  However, occasionally violence against women occurs on the street and that is the topic of this blog.  As well as my clinical work in the area, I was also once personally attacked on the street in an isolated area by a group of three young men.  While no one can ever give unequivocal…

No one can do it like you!

There are about 7 billion people on earth now, but no one has what you’ve got.  Your unique blend of attributes, quirks and intelligence belongs exclusively to you. It’s time now to harness these unique characteristics and present them to the world.     If you need help with that, the Smart Therapy Centre can coach you to play your own hand and make you the best you can be.

You’ve Got The Power!

We all have dreams, but we must find the power to implement them! You have that power within you, but it has to be unearthed, controlled and harnessed.  Free-floating and uncontrolled ambition only leads to discontent and frustration.    At the Smart Therapy Centre, we coach you to stand strong and believe in yourself.  We will stay with you every step of the way while you discover your unique qualities and how to use them to achieve success.   

It’s time for your success!

We all want to try to be our best!  Sometimes achievement is hard though, especially if things have been difficult in your early life.  You may have been so busy surviving that it was near impossible to focus on your own hopes and aspirations. But once you are an adult you are free to dream again and control your own life.  No one can tell you how to think or feel.  You are your own person with your own unique contribution to make to the world.  At the Smart Therapy Centre, we help you to remember your dreams and coach…

Don’t Forget You Wanted to Go Places

Paying attention to our dreams of success is crucial.  Otherwise we forget them and lower our hopes during life.  Have you ever wondered why people as they age often seem more cynical, disappointed and less amused with life?  Whoops!  They’ve lost touch with and given up their hopes and ambitions! Still there are some synapses that have trace memories of those hopes and dreams and they nag, disappoint and ruin lives whenever they come to mind. The answer is not to brush these memories away and continue with a pale and insignificant version of your life, but to re-discover, embrace…

We Are Only As Good As Our Dreams

During life we frequently learn to aim lower.  Often, we are told that this is a good thing as it is more ‘realistic’ and not everyone can reach great heights.  The trouble is that when we stop mentally practising our big ambitions, then we gradually forget we ever had such dreams of wonderful outcomes.  We abandon our own ambitions. The Smart Therapy Centre can help you re-connect with your dreams and become the best you can be.  

Get What You Want

Many of us don’t know what we want in life.  We are often too busy to really consider our dreams and we easily get caught up in doing the same repetitive things day in day out. We need to briefly step out of the fast pace of life and ask ourselves about one thing we would like to do differently that will help us achieve our dreams. At the Smart Therapy Centre, we help people to identify their dreams and we impart the skills and wisdom that are necessary to achieve them.  

With our large brain comes huge responsibility and meaning

In my 25+ years as a clinical psychologist at the Smart Therapy Centre I have seen countless people struggling to find meaning in their lives.  When we lack meaning it is easy to become unmotivated, flat, anxious, envious, angry and despairing.  These emotions really get in the way of having an enjoyable life. In my experience, the problem is that people often look for meaning within themselves and their own ambitions rather than looking for meaning out in the wider world.  As Archimedes said ‘rise above yourself and grasp the world’. There are huge contributions to be made out in…

Kids Behaving Badly

Often in my clinical psychology work at the Smart Therapy Centre, parents come in and tell me that their out-of-control child is anxious and needs treatment to make them calm. This seems to be a common misconception.  Usually, I find that there is not an inkling of anxiety in the child and it is just that they are behaving badly because of parental confusion.  This probably results from so many conflicting messages to mothers (in particular), as a result of which it is easy to get parenting wrong. In terms of basics, there are three main styles of parenting:  Authoritarian…

How to sleep like a sleepy little cat!

Sleep disturbance has been one of the most common problems I’ve encountered in my decades of work as a clinical psychologist at the Smart Therapy Centre. By now, most people know most of the ‘sleep hygiene’ factors.  Things like having a dark, cool room with cool bedcovers since getting too warm keeps us awake.  Or, getting off the computer or TV screen at least an hour before bed as the blue light reduces melatonin production.  Also, ensuring we don’t engage in other activities in bed like emails, TV, eating or reading because doing these things teaches our brain to stay…