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Finding Your Inner Power

Would you like to be able to be strong and clear in the way you express your opinions and ideas? To be confident and assertive? This is a course which develops your ability to communicate clearly and effectively in personal relationships, your work place and with your family. Through the course you will:

SMART App for iDevice and Android

The Smart Therapy App may help you overcome anxiety and panic attacks permanently. Smart Therapy is a simple, elegant solution that is based upon a cutting-edge neurological theory developed by Dr Sallee McLaren, a clinical psychologist who has specialised in anxiety for nearly two decades and is the author of multiple books. See Quit Anxiety Now for further information. The approach, called ‘Smart Therapy’ came out of brain research done by Dr McLaren into normal learning and memory processes. Smart Therapy

Smart Therapy: Overcoming the anxiety disorders by redirecting prefrontal voluntary selective attention (PVSA)


Anxiety is a serious social problem. Some biomedical researchers identify anxiety as an internal pathological disorder, driven by genetic predisposition and chemical imbalance requiring medication to correct. More behaviourally orientated researchers (ACT and BT) claim anxiety to be caused by dysfunctional avoidance that requires exposure and submersion in anxiety phenomena to habituate and recover. Other more cognitively orientated researchers (CBT) argue that anxiety sufferers have dysfunctional thinking patterns maintaining their anxiety.

Sure, we need to talk – but more importantly – we need to argue

Talking is a crucially important life strategy. People who are bullied to shut their mouths early on in life pay a huge price for being silenced. This is even though quiet people are often not aware of the cost; instead frequently thinking of themselves as the strong-silent-type, or being proud of their quiet stubbornness, or seeing themselves as easy-going, laid back, not bothered by anything – so no need to engage, step up and participate in conversations. As time passes, and verbal skills fall further and further behind other peoples’ verbal skills, then non-talkers often give up altogether on any real participation in life – it is easier to just withdraw into their own heads. Leave others to do the talking.

Smartherapy iphone / ipad application is available at the Apple store

Good news!!!! My iphone / ipad application is finally finished and is for sale for $1.99 through the Apple iTunes store – it is titled ‘Smartherapy’ and yes, I know it is spelt incorrectly and lacks a space – but the title is only allowed to be 11 characters! You can search for it under ‘anxiety’ as well. It is a fairly comprehensive and systematic approach to recovery, and has a nice 20 minute deep-relaxation and hypnosis exercise on it – to help you feel more calm, self-directed and in control. More Good News!!! The Android version of my app, called ‘Smart…