Smartherapy iphone / ipad application is available at the Apple store

Good news!!!! My iphone / ipad application is finally finished and is for sale for $1.99 through the Apple iTunes store – it is titled ‘Smartherapy’ and yes, I know it is spelt incorrectly and lacks a space – but the title is only allowed to be 11 characters! You can search for it under ‘anxiety’ as well. It is a fairly comprehensive and systematic approach to recovery, and has a nice 20 minute deep-relaxation and hypnosis exercise on it – to help you feel more calm, self-directed and in control.

More Good News!!! The Android version of my app, called ‘Smart Therapy’ has now been released and costs $1.95. It is very comprehensive, easy to follow, and much cheaper than therapy!

Now available on the Android play store!