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Articles by Dr Sallee McLaren

I write these blogs to provide some assistance and insight into how we might deal with certain life events in order to get good outcomes.  The blogs are general in nature and are not intended to provide specific, individualised advice.  Still, there is often a core ‘truth’ in generalisations.

I hope you enjoy them!

Don’t Confuse Anger and Sadness

Many people (including some therapists) tell us to express our anger at the unfairness of life.  Go on, they say, beat those cushions to a pulp and scream out your rage. But this can be very misdirected advice.  It accentuates the anger and sends blood pressure through the roof.  It often ends in repetitive, violent behaviour and it makes the...

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How anxiety and poor assertion are connected

When people come to see me for anxiety treatment, I notice that they often find it hard to be assertive in other areas of their lives. For a long time, I wondered why this was the case, but in many ways lacking assertion and being anxious are highly related. Lack of assertion is connected to believing that you are powerless to influence outcomes...

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The Agitation Flipside of Sedation

In my work I often see people who have been put on medications to sedate or calm them, with the purpose of combating anxiety and other forms of agitation. What many people don’t realise is that we very quickly become tolerant to sedatives and tranquilizers leading us to need more and more to achieve the same result.  This is how many people...

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Surviving Isolation

The people who best survive social isolation are those with a strong inner world.  They are people who ‘require’ less stimulation from others and can exist for long periods, immersed in their own imaginations and mental abstractions. Often people think that they have just been born more ‘extroverted’ or ‘introverted’, and there is nothing that...

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