Use Smart Therapy to overcome Anxiety and Depression without using drugs

If you are anxious or depressed, Smart Therapy (ST) may be able to help you. It is drug free and safe for people of all ages, including children.

Located in Melbourne, Clinical Psychologist and Author Dr Sallee McLaren has developed ST based upon many years of clinical experience as well as cutting-edge neurological research.

Coming originally from a research background in memory and learning, Dr Sallee McLaren has brought her deep knowledge of brain research into her clinical practice to produce a precise set of strategies that may be effective in overcoming different types of anxiety including:

OCD; PTSD; Panic Disorder; Agoraphobia; Social Anxiety; Specific Phobias; Generalized Anxiety; and Health Anxiety.  ST may also be effective in the treatment of depression; eating disorders (such as bulimia and anorexia nervosa); low self esteem; grief; anger; relationship breakdown; dealing with addictions and for general life coaching.

These strategies are both simple and easy to apply.

What is the Smart Therapy approach?

The ST approach is both ground-breaking and highly innovative. The ST goal has always been to provide the absolute best quality therapeutic advice available anywhere in the world.  ST necessitates a coherent, evidence-based behavioural framework with additional neurological research information that works best without the use of medications.  Central to the ST approach is the notion of a strong, dynamic interaction between therapist and client in order to solve problems.

This approach is proactive and pushes people to become instrumental self-agents in their own mental health.  ST may be able to assist you to systematically and permanently improve many of your problems. Dr Sallee McLaren is the author of ‘DON’T PANIC: You Can Overcome Anxiety Without Drugs’ (2004), ‘QUIT ANXIETY NOW’ (2017), and ‘SMART THERAPY ASSERTION’ (2017), and she has been the consulting psychologist for the Anxiety Disorders Association of Victoria (ADAVIC) for the past 15 years.


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