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I’m Dr Sallee McLaren

Clinical Psychologist, Coach, Author, Developer of Smart Therapy & Founder of Smart Therapy Australia

Helping You Move Forward in Life and Achieve Success

Offering Help for Anyone who is anxious or depressed, or who struggles with assertion or relationships.


Benefits:  Self-paced reading on anxiety recovery and communication strategies that provide a multitude of skills to help you get through life.

Quit Anxiety Now Online Course

Benefits:   Taught by Dr Sallee McLaren, this comprehensive course allows you to learn the skills of anxiety recovery in the privacy of your own home and at your own pace at an affordable price.  Six One Hour Modules.  Great Value!

Stress Reduction Audio

Benefits:  An overview of Smart Therapy anxiety treatment that is both calming and informative.  10 Lessons.  Contains a 20 minute deep relaxation exercise.

Dr Sallee McLaren has helped thousands of people over her 30 years of clinical practice and she can help you. 

She has a research background in the neurological basis of learning and memory and she brings her deep knowledge of cutting-edge brain plasticity as well as practical and insightful recovery strategies into her work.